What ‘CHOICES’ Sets Your Mind?

‘Choices’, a game, where you have a lot of choices to play a game with story line. Google Play Store has such a good platform to play a game with story line. The most amazing thing there are a lot story lines at ‘Choices’ platform. I really love to play the story games. I have already played

01. High School Story Book 1, 2, 3

02. Freshmen: Love Bites

03. Freshmen: Game of Love

04. Freshmen: Snowed In

05. Hero Book 1

06. Veil of Secrets

07. American’s Most Eligible

08. Most Wanted

and still playing

01.High School Story: Class Act

02. It Lives Beneath

03. The Elementalists

04. It Lives in the Wood

05. Big Sky Country


I love the games to play. But, I have felt something while playing the game.The makers of ‘Choices’ really wants to set players mind with something.

There are few kinds of people according to sex preference type. I am talking about

01. Straight

02. Homo Sexuality

03. Bi-Sexuality

‘Choices’ game is for adult. Adult doesn’t mean 30 or 40 years old. In Bangladesh, it starts from the year of 18. The person has just become matured.

I first played with High School Story Book. 1. And I felt they gave me the choice of homosexuality. I wanted to play as straight and I played. After that, in every story, I got that the story wanna set the players’ mind with homo sexuality. Personally, I do not like homo sexuality and I am 30+. But what will happen to the players who are 18 or 18+ or below 18. The makers trying to give them a different taste of sex. Perhaps, many countries give permission of homo sexuality as legal though religion doesn’t give permission. In every main religion, we found that god destroyed nations for homo-sexuality or bi-sexuality. However, the matter goes with democracy now, but you cannot corrupt with green minds.

Makers of ‘Choices’ set up the green minds with Homo sexuality and from my perspective, it is wrong.

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