The Amazing Ratargul Swamp

Have you ever visited Sylhet? If, when have you visited? Which places have you visited? Have you visited Ratargul Swamp? If it is no, you should visit it in the rainy season. The Sylhet has its own Rainy Beauty.

Sylhet has many places to visit. Though heavy rainy area is Sylhet. It is the North Eastern Part of Bangladesh. It is also hilly area, but it has also Haor, Bill, Swamp. If you never seen greenery in your area, you will be speechless to visit Sylhet.

It was the last day of our Sylhet tour. Our last place to visit was Ratargul. When I heard about the name, I asked my companion what is hidden in that place. My companion said that in rainy season the place looks like a jungle. Nothing to say to see the beauty.

We reached at the place. Road was heavily fractured for rain. It was flooded few days ago. The road was also very narrow. If you desire to go there, you will feel a great jerking on vehicle.

Gate of Ratargul, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Ratargul is about two and half hours far from Sylhet Town. Though feeling  great jerking, I couldn’t move my eyes on the beauty of the nature. After reaching the place, I saw a gate of welcoming. A soil road went straight and ended. After that water and water. Across the water, my eyes reached on trees and it looked like jungle from far.

After reaching the place, you will get boats. There are few kinds.

Counter of Ratargul, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Smalls are for BDT.1,500 and Bigs are BDT.1,700. These don’t have roof. The roof one is BDT. 2000. If you have problem to sit on floor of boat you can take a single sofa with a fair of BDT.500. We took a big boat without roof and a single sofa.

Our boat started the journey. The half sky was full of clouds and it was a bit shiny with half hazy sky. The area was silent. We could hear the sound of cutting water with our boat. So silence.

If you go, you will see the water is bit clear that you can see a little of your beneath. After passing the water area, I was a

Trees at Ratargul, Sylhet, Bangladesh

amazed. The trees were standing before me and half or more than half of the bodies were in the water. What a beauty! I cannot describe the beauty, but I could not able to stop taking pictures. I could see some vines under the water. We were entering a bit deep. There is a tower there. The tower is for visitors to look the top of the beauty. I made up my mind to climb the tower end of the visiting swamp.

Trees at Ratargul, Sylhet, Bangladesh


Tower at Ratargul, Sylhet, Bangladesh

We took the entrance for a bit deep of the swamp and what it is it? A different area and different environment. It was a bit more silent. Whole place is covered  with tree. Sunlight was reaching barely. You cannot see sky from that part. A little bit deep.

Entering Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh


A Bit Deep of Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh

We heard a folk were singing. They were students. After reaching the near of the folk, we saw two or three more boats there. We saw a shop on boat there. The shop keeper was selling Chips, Chanachur, Puffed Rice etc. Perfect snacks of tour. We bought few packets of chips. We were wandering a bit of the swamp. It’s simply indescribable. You can feel the beauty, beauty of a swamp at the season of rain.

Shop at Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh

We were visiting the place. Deep, a bit deep.

Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh








Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh








Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh



I couldn’t climb the tower for heavy rain fall. For safety of my electronic devices, I had to return. However, the scenic view is awesome in the rainy season. But do not jump into the water. The swamp is full of Leech and Snake though we had not seen any snake. Local people said about it. I hope you should go once at Ratargul in rainy season. If I will get another chance, I will go again.

Ratargul Swamp, Sylhet, Bangladesh

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