Russian Government Scholarships for 2019-20 Academic year

Deadline: 15 Feb 2019 (annual)
Study in: Russia

Status of Scholarships:

Provided Russian Government


Vocational, Bachelor, Masters, MPhil, PhD, PGD, Diploma Level

Scholarship value/inclusions:

The grant provides your free studying on the chosen specialty for the entire period of education. Also, if you need to improve knowledge of Russian, the grant covers education at preparatory faculty.

In addition, monthly payment and a place in the student residence is provided. In 2016 payment constituted 1 300 rubles ($21).


All candidates with the secondary school and vocational school finished (school, technical school, lyceum, etc.) and successfully passed competitive selection in their own country can receive a grant.

For Bachelor’s or Specialist’s programs, if: He/she has a document of complete secondary education or any other equivalent document;

• For Master’s program, if: He/she has a “Bachelor’s degree” or a “Specialist’s degree” with the course duration not less than 4 years;

• For postgraduate studies (Ph.D.), if: He/she has a “Master’s degree” (with the course duration not less than 2 years) or a “Specialist’s degree” with the course duration not less than 5 years
• For postgraduate medical studies (internship, clinical residency), if: He/she has a degree of higher medical /dental/pharmaceutical education.

Studies in Russian universities are carried out in Russian language. In some specialties the training is also delivered in English (about 20 specialties) and French (general medicine, pharmacy). Candidates choosing the training in English or French must have an interview to check their language competency upon arrival. The results of international language tests (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, DALF, TCF etc.) are not required.

How to Apply:

To apply follow the ‘Get Main Page’

or Click to ‘Help of Document Processor’

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