01. Directory Listing:

Add your organization or profession at our site listing at free of cost till 30th June,2019. Please send your service details to our mail address.

02. Job Circular:

Employers can provide their job circular at free of cost.

1. Job description should be clear.
2. Job environment should be clear.
3. Job benefits should be clear
4. Salary should be mentioned.

03. ADs:

If you wanna provide your ad on our categorized list, you can. Each listing will cost you 100 taka per month. It is at our Life Special Menu.

04. Sidebar ADs:

You can provide your ADs at our pages’ sidebar. Each place cost you 500 taka per month.

05. e-Shop:

You can buy products from our e-Shop. We will deliver you available products within 72 active hours. The prices are delivery charge excluded. At the time of confirmation on call, we will notify you the total cost of your parcel.

06. Our Free Services:

  • Career Vlog

  • Job Circulation

  • Scholarchip Information

  • Consultancy

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