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Creation of the biggest one Informational and the largest one Using Site of the world.


The Brief

The World come to such an awesome banyan tree which has all kinds of branches and easy to reach the shadow. It is a world of information and technology. Everybody is ready to get information. We just want to become a small branch of this banyan tree, called network.

On is a website where people can get their needed information and things in an easy way. We organized this Site with


  1. Directory: In this section, necessary organizations’ information i.e. Name, Providing Services, Address, Contact etc. can be got users. The directory have few categories. User can easily find out the needed organization or professionals in an easy way.

  2. Career: Our career option consists of three categories; Career Vlog, Job Circular and Scholarships. Career Vlog  gives you some advice for your career in a Video format. It will make you understand about career problems and the solutions. Job Circular provides you the information on new new jobs. We post the jobs which have mentioned the salary and clear details about job. Scholarships provides the information on running scholarship which are provided national international institutions.

  3. Life Special: This special section consists of Consultancy & ADs. Consultancy will provide you solutions of any problems with our consultants’ best ability. ADs will provide you a listing of different categories of advertisements.

  4. Shop: An e-Shop is available for users. Anyone can buy from our shop with reasonable price. Delivery service must be charged. Besides this option, you will get Cart option. By which, you can see your shopping items. After getting order slip, it will be confirmed with a phone call.

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